“Real brewed from tea leaves. Lemon juice added. Refreshing thirst quencher…”

Bottle of Pokka Lemon Tea

Bringing you the richest aroma and refreshing taste ~

Label also in French: Procure un arome puissant et un vrait gout de the. Thé Glacé au Citron. Reellement infuse a partir de feuilles de thé. Avec just de Citron. Etanche réellement la soif.

Ingredients: Water, freshly brewed black tea, sugar, lemon juice, flavouring, acid (citric acid), ascorbic acid. Citric acid E-330. Ascorbic Acid E-300.

Ingredients list and other information also in French, Bahasa and Greek. “Best before” in Chinese characters.

Made in Singapore under the license and strictest quality control of Pokka Corp., Japan. manufactured and distributed by Pokka Corporation (S) Ltd. 39 Quality Road, Singapore 618810.

Net: 0.5 L (16.9 fluid ounces)

Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size: 8 fluid ounces
Servings per container: about 2
Amount Per Serving: 96 calories.
No fat or protein. 11 milligrams of sodium. 24 milligrams of total carbohydrate, all from sugar. Vitamin C 24% DV.

CA Cash Refund. HI 0.05.
UPC 8 888196 170613

Keep refrigerated once opened. Shake well before serving.

Not bad… Certainly much better than Pokka’s Jasmine Tea.