The first time I saw the Japanese term 地鶏 (jidori) I immediately made a literal translation of “earth chicken” then “local chicken” — as it turned out, the au courant term is free-range chicken.

The original Jidori chickens of Japan are fed tomatoes and apples during breeding season. In Los Angeles, when chefs order jidori, they expect a high-quality chicken with no hormones or steroids and that was processed (killed!) in past 24 hours. Fresh and never frozen.


Picture of Jidori no Tamago or Free-Range Eggs地鶏   =  jidori

地 = ji = earth

鶏 = dori (tori) = chicken

“ground chicken” or “chicken of the earth”


地鶏の卵 (たまご) = jidori no tamago (eggs)


I bought this box of half-dozen jidori eggs at a Korean supermarket for $4.29. It was the only organic eggs they carried.


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