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Cheese Mushi Cake

チーズ 蒸しケーキ Had to try one of these. Look at the cute red ribbon painted on the plastic package! Yes, it was delicious, but the preservatives in the ingredients list are a scary bunch. These cakes are made to keep for a year.

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Japanese Milk Baum Cake?

ミルク バウム  (バウムクーヘン baumukūhen or バームクーヘン bāmukūhen)

ミルク バウム is Milk Baum cake

Baumkuchen (“tree cake”)  is one of the most popular pastries in Japan. Oh, how the Japanese love German cakes!

You can sort of make out the “tree” rings, which are the rolled layers of sponge cake.

The label says 東京 バウムクーヘン (Tokyo Baumkuchen).

Found this in the refrigerated section of the Korean grocery store HK Super, next to the castella.