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Mitsuwa Marketplace in Little Tokyo

This photo was sent from my iPhone in April 2008.

Mitsuwa Marketplace in Little Tokyo

Mitsuwa Marketplace used to be my primary source of Japanese goodies when I lived closer to downtown Los Angeles. There was this old Japanese man who did commercials for them on the local television channel on Saturday afternoons when Japanese soap operas run. Sadly, Mitsuwa closed in January 2009. I haven’t yet gone by to see how the Korean-run store that is now in its place is doing.

Address: 333 South Alameda Street, Los Angeles, California 90013

Earth Day Cupcakes at Famima!!

Earth Day Cupcakes at Famima

DESSERTS: The Premium Experience
Earth Day Cupcakes at Famima!! Trans Fat Free.

Price: $1.59 (or $1.69 ?) Chocolate cupcake in the background too!

Famima!! Chocolate Whole Lotta Banana

Famima!!’s signature dessert:

Signature Dessert of Famima is Whole Lotta Banana

Chocolate Whole Lotta Banana

I couldn’t tell or see the banana but there is a whole banana inside that’s coated with chocolate, covered with whipped cream, sprinkled with chocolate shavings and then wrapped in a pancake. Price: $2.99

Famima!! says: “You’ll go bananas if you don’t try it!!

Didn’t try it, so I’m going bananas…

Famima!! Sushi Campaign: Ito En

Famima Store Open in Downtown Los Angeles

My receipt (not from this bad Famima!! store) says:

Sushi Campaign. 3/31/09 – 4/27/09 Limited Time Only.
Buy any sushi and get an ITOEN Oi Ocha Green Tea for $0.99.
A Healthy and Refreshing Combination! 

There should be a space between Ito and En.

Types of Sushi Rolls

Famima!! Eco Bags

Black Eco-Friendly bags from Japanese convenience store FamimaWhen I first saw these by the cash register, I thought they were ugly, unwieldy wallets. Were it not for my inquisitive nature I would not have known that they can be unfolded into full-size tote bags. Really cool-looking and convenient. There’s a zipper that zips it up when you fold it.  And the price is just $1.99. 

On the outside of the “wallet” there are logos and the tagline “One stop convenience. One step green.” Famima!! Unfolded, one side of the bag says “Enjoy Everyday Life. Famima offers a taste of fun for everyone. Brighten up your life with Famima. Famima is the place to be.”  Made in China.

It wasn’t until later that I saw the Earth Day Campaign announcement hanging off the side of the table. “Buy an eco bag, plant a tree.” Purchase a Famima eco bag and a dollar will be donated to the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for a reforestation program. Promotion runs till April 30.

I tried explaining to the cashier that they should unfold and showcase the bag so that people could see what the product actually was. Seriously, it’s a great product but it was displayed so unobtrusively and was not brought to customers’ attention. Yes, I bought one. No tax.

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