Of course, Famima!! has to carry Nestle drumsticks, Ben & Jerry’s Bars, Haagen-Dazs cups, and Klondike bars for their American customers who crave the ice-cream treats they grew up with. But Famima wouldn’t be a Japanese convenience store if it didn’t carry mochi ice cream.

Japanese mochi and ice cream treats at Famima

  • Maede Green Tea Cup  – 99 cents
  • Yukimi Dafuku – $1.69
  • Meiji Hokkaido Vanilla Soft – $2.00
  • Daisen Choco Monaka – $2.19
  • Maeda Mochi Green Tea $4.39
  • Maeda Mochi Strawberry  $4.39

Misspelling of Maeda brand of ice cream.

Misspelling of Yukimi Daifuku. 雪見だいふく (“snow-viewing daifuku”) — a ball of vanilla ice cream wrapped in a thin layer of mochi. From the Japanese company Lotte. 

Other American “classics” available at Famima: Nestle Dibs Chocolate, Tollhouse Loader Bar, Snicker Big One Bar, Fruit-A-Freeze fruit bars, popsicles…