Now you’re wondering why I got another, smaller (thinner!) can of Pokka Milk Coffee when I so disparaged it the last time. Well, it was the cheapest coffee fix I could find at HK Super, save for the gross-looking mini-cup shot of coffee outside by the entrance.

Cans of Pokka Milk Coffee - Real Brewed
The only thing different on the label on the smaller can is this paragraph: “Rich in taste and strong in aroma. The original Milk Coffee, brewed from fresh coffee beans.”

Original? Mmm… so UCC started the trend in canned coffee and Pokka the one for milk coffee?

CAFE AU LAIT. Ingredients: Water, freshly brewed coffee, milk, sugar, stabilizer (E473, E491), natural flavoring.

STABILIZER: Sorbitan Monostearate E491. Sugar Esters E473.

The appearance of milk particles in this product is natural, and does not affect the quality.

Contains permitted Food Additives of Non-Animal Origin.

Product of Singapore. Under the license and the strictest quality control of Pokka Corp., Japan. Manufactured and distributed by Pokka Corporation (S) Ltd, 39 Quality Road, Singapore 618810. Distributed by a company based in Brunei Darassalam. UPC Bar Code Number 8 888196 110428.

The nutritional facts are slightly different, but who’s keeping track? Oh, it must be the serving size. The slender can is 8.1 fluid ounces, while the large can from the last time is 10.1 fluid ounces.

Serving size is one can (8.1 fluid ounces or 240 ml). 103 calories, 13 from fat. 1.4 g total fat. 1 g saturated fat, no trans fat. 4 miligrams of cholesterol. 84 mg of sodium. 21 grams of total carbohydrate, 18 g from sugars. 1.5 gram of protein. Calcium is 4% of DV.

SG VPH-DE-002. ML 550917007053.

Best before date on the bottom of the can. Some label information also in French.

Price can’t be more than dollar twenty.