Canned green tea is such a convenient way to to avail of a healthy drink. The latest I’ve tried is a 300-ml can of Pokka Japanese Green Tea from selected premium tea leaves.  No sugar. No preservatives. No added colouring. Pokka calls its green tea “liquid health.”


The can says it’s made in Singapore under the license and the strictest quality control of Japan’s Pokka Corporation, which was founded in 1957. The information on the label is Japanese and several other languages. 

Can of Pokka Green TeaFrench:  Boisson au Thé Vert. Authentique. Sans sucre, colorant ou préservatifs.

Spanish: Té Verde Japonés Auténtico. No contiene azúcar, colorantes or preservativos.

There’s also Thai, a language which I cannot type out. 

EN Ingrediets: Water, freshly brewed green tea, ascorbic acid (300)

FR Ingrédients: Eau, thé vert fraichement moulu, acide ascorbique.

ES Ingredientes: Agua, té verde recién filtrado, ácido ascórbico.

UPC 07441074186

Each serving size (one can) contains zero calories, no fat, no carbohydrates, no protein. The sodium content is a mere 24 milligrams and Vitamin C is 13% of daily values based on a 2,000 calorie diet. 

 CA CRV. HI .05. ME 5 cents DEP


5 cents refund at collection depots when sold in S.A. 

NET: 10.1 Fl. oz (300 ml)

A can retails at around $1.49 in East Asian groceries in the United States.