Telephones – main lines in use: 51.232 million (2007)
country comparison to the world: 5

Telephones – mobile cellular: 107.339 million (2007)
country comparison to the world: 7

Telephone system: excellent domestic and international service
domestic: high level of modern technology and excellent service of every kind

International: country code – 81

Numerous submarine cables provide links throughout Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, and US

Satellite earth stations – 5 Intelsat (4 Pacific Ocean and 1 Indian Ocean), 1 Intersputnik (Indian Ocean region), and 1 Inmarsat (Pacific and Indian Ocean regions

Radio broadcast stations: AM 215 (plus 370 repeaters), FM 89 (plus 485 repeaters), shortwave 21 (2001)

Television broadcast stations: 211 (plus 7,341 repeaters)
In addition, US Forces are served by 3 TV stations and 2 TV cable services (1999)

Internet country code: .jp
Internet hosts:   39.909 million (2008)
country comparison to the world: 2

Internet users: 88.11 million (2007)
country comparison to the world: 4

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