* Latest update: Japan’s economy shrank 3.8 per cent in the first three months of this year. It is the country’s sharpest contraction since the second world war. A shrinking economy is defined as a fall in gross domestic product.

GDP (purchasing power parity): $4.348 trillion (2008 estimate)
country comparison to the world: 4
$4.365 trillion (2007)
$4.263 trillion (2006)
*data are in 2008 US dollars

GDP (official exchange rate): $4.844 trillion (2008 estimate)

GDP – real growth rate: -0.4% (2008 estimate)
country comparison to the world: 205
2.4% (2007 estimate)
2% (2006 estimate)

GDP – per capita (PPP): $34,200 (2008 estimate)
country comparison to the world: 36
$34,300 (2007 estimate)
$33,400 (2006 estimate)
* data are in 2008 US dollars

GDP – composition by sector:
agriculture: 1.4%
industry: 26.4%
services: 72.1% (2008 estimate)

The Week Ahead – Private Sector PMIs and US Inflation in Focus
It is a quiet week ahead on the economic calendar, with stats 41 due out through the week ending May 27. In the week prior, 59 stats were in focus. Prelim private sector PMIs for May kick things off.
Posted: May 21, 2022, 6:32 pm
‘Different from the US’: why Japan does not worry about inflation
While there were fewer restrictions on economic activity ... weakness in the yen used to provide a big stimulus to the Japanese economy, that effect is more muted than in the past.
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IMF points out risks to Japan's economic recovery
The International Monetary Fund projects that the Japanese economy will continue to recover this year. But it warns of downward risks, including price hikes.
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Japan's economy may rebound but faces headwind amid price surge
"Private consumption will not recover sustainably" if economic activities are repeatedly restricted, Saito said. While other major economies have moved on to a "living with the coronavirus" phase, ...
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Japan recovery buffeted by Covid restrictions and Ukraine war
The GDP figure was released a day after Prime ... That could allow the Japanese economy to return to pre-Covid growth levels in the latter half of the year, far behind the recovery in the US ...
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Japan GDP less negative than expected for Q1
GDP is a gross measure of market activity because it indicates the pace at which the Japanese economy is growing or decreasing. A high reading or a better than expected number is seen as positive for ...
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EUR/JPY oscillates around 134.60 as investors await eurozone GDP
EUR/JPY is juggling in a 14-pips range ahead of GDP numbers. Hungary is opposing a quick embargo on Russian oil imports. An underperformance is expected from Japan’s GDP numbers this week. The EUR/JPY ...
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Japan could lose 14% GDP and millions of jobs by stalling on electric cars – report
Japan, the world’s second-largest car exporter, risks a 14% drop in GDP if it does not move more ... and thus the Japanese economy, is large. The report notes that Japan, already reliant on ...
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Stagflation Comes from Exorbitant Money Creation and Unhampered Government Spending
Too much government spending and loose monetary policy lead to rising prices combined with falling economic growth rates. All Keynesian roads lead to stagflation. It is the result of economic ...
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Japan Has Long Sought More Inflation and a Weak Yen. But Not Like This.
But exporting is now less important to the overall Japanese economy, and companies — seeking ... would create a virtuous cycle of economic expansion: Companies’ profits would grow, spurring ...
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