Japanese cuisine has long made for popular street food around the world, with rice and noodle dishes proving to be particularly popular. However, this has not always been the case in Japan itself, where dining is more of a ritual, and people rarely eat whilst on the go. Even so, street food stalls are gradually gaining popularity within Japan, and so here are a few dishes that you won’t want to miss out on should you have the chance to sample this style of food within this area of the world.

savory Japanese snack


One of the most common types of street food which you are likely to encounter in Japan is sweet potato, which are particularly popular when the weather is a little cooler. You might be more used to having sweet potato as a side dish, which you might eat as part of a home-cooked meal while watching TV. However, here, sweet potatoes tend to be roasted until they’re so fluffy that they’re almost creamy to eat. However, you are also more than likely to encounter the candied variety which are also readily available as street food, which are deep-fried for an indulgent sweet treat.

Much like many street food stalls elsewhere in the world, Ramen vans or stands have also cropped up all over Japan in recent years. Th main difference, of course, is that Japan’s street-style Ramen kitchens have that touch of authenticity to them, so your late-night snack is more likely to be somewhat akin to that which you would usually pay out for in a restaurant. Unsurprisingly, fried noodles which are cooked on a hot-plate and served in small cardboard box trays are also a popular choice, with a range of sweet and sour or savoury sauces available.

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