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Cheese Mushi Cake

チーズ 蒸しケーキ Had to try one of these. Look at the cute red ribbon painted on the plastic package! Yes, it was delicious, but the preservatives in the ingredients list are a scary bunch. These cakes are made to keep for a year.

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Kasugai Goma Ame (Sesame Candy)

From the Japanese snack company Kasugai… ごま あめ

Kasugai Goma Ame (Sesame Candy)

The English label simply says SWEET CANDY.  It’s goma ame (sesame candy). Looks like hard candy and you can suck on it like you would a gumdrop. I prefer to chew on it − very bad for molar teeth, but the best way to enjoy it, in my humble opinion.

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Mame Daifuku (Bean Paste in Mochi)

まめ 大福  = Mame Daifuku = mochi stuffed with bean paste

Of the several variants of daifukumochi that Shirakiku makes for the American market, this is probably the one I like the least, if only because it was so heavy!

LABEL WARNING:This product is chewy in texture. Children (especially under three years of age) and elderly people should be cautious. Please chew thoroughly before swallowing.

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Japanese Milk Baum Cake?

ミルク バウム  (バウムクーヘン baumukūhen or バームクーヘン bāmukūhen)

ミルク バウム is Milk Baum cake

Baumkuchen (“tree cake”)  is one of the most popular pastries in Japan. Oh, how the Japanese love German cakes!

You can sort of make out the “tree” rings, which are the rolled layers of sponge cake.

The label says 東京 バウムクーヘン (Tokyo Baumkuchen).

Found this in the refrigerated section of the Korean grocery store HK Super, next to the castella.

Nagasaki Castella Cake Kasutera

長崎カステラ (Nagasaki Castella)

Pack of 10 Slices of Japanese Kasutera or Castella

For Your Happy Tea Time ~

Keifuudou 慶風堂 (けいふうどう)

Found more Japanese Castella in the refrigerated section of the Korean grocery store HK Super on Western Avenue in Los Angeles.  10 cake slices in one rectangular pack. Retail price: $4.99.

Nagasaki is the city most famous for kasutera, because that is where the Japanese learned to make castella cake from the Portuguese in the 16th century!

Nope, didn’t make a purchase… because I know if I do I’ll eat all 10 slices in one sitting.