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Ugly Can of Pokka Milk Coffee

Isn’t that the ugliest thing? The artist’s rendition of a man’s face on a can of Pokka Milk Coffee. I wouldn’t be caught dead holding this can in public. Bought it only because I felt compelled to try all of Pokka’s products.

Can of Pokka Milk Coffee - Real Brewed
Again, like most of Pokka’s drinks, the taste was unremarkable. I’ll stick to Monster Java and Starbucks Doubleshot canned coffee.

CAFE AU LAIT. Ingredients: Water, freshly brewed coffee, milk, sugar, stabilizer, natural flavoring.

STABILIZER: Sorbitan Monostearate E491. Sugar Esters E473.

The appearance of milk particles in this product is natural, and does not affect the quality.

Contains permitted Food Additives of Non-Animal Origin.

Product of Singapore. Under the license and the strictest quality control of Pokka Corp., Japan. Manufactured and distributed by Pokka Corporation (S) Ltd, 39 Quality Road, Singapore 618810. Distributed by a company of Brunei. UPC Bar Code Number 8 888196 121028.

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Pokka Oolong Tea in Can

Selected Premium Tea Leaves. No Sugar. No Preservatives. No Added Coloring.

 Can of Pokka Oolong Tea Can of Pokka Oolong Tea - Chinese Label

It’s the same can. One side in English, the other in Chinese.
Net: 10.1 fluid ounces (300 ml). UPC 8 888196 120724

Can’t remember what it tasted like… so it is neither remarkably good nor remarkably bad.

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