Black Eco-Friendly bags from Japanese convenience store FamimaWhen I first saw these by the cash register, I thought they were ugly, unwieldy wallets. Were it not for my inquisitive nature I would not have known that they can be unfolded into full-size tote bags. Really cool-looking and convenient. There’s a zipper that zips it up when you fold it.  And the price is just $1.99. 

On the outside of the “wallet” there are logos and the tagline “One stop convenience. One step green.” Famima!! Unfolded, one side of the bag says “Enjoy Everyday Life. Famima offers a taste of fun for everyone. Brighten up your life with Famima. Famima is the place to be.”  Made in China.

It wasn’t until later that I saw the Earth Day Campaign announcement hanging off the side of the table. “Buy an eco bag, plant a tree.” Purchase a Famima eco bag and a dollar will be donated to the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for a reforestation program. Promotion runs till April 30.

I tried explaining to the cashier that they should unfold and showcase the bag so that people could see what the product actually was. Seriously, it’s a great product but it was displayed so unobtrusively and was not brought to customers’ attention. Yes, I bought one. No tax.

Black Famima Reusable Bag for Earth Day Campaign