A butt is a push or blow with the head or horns.

A butt is one that serves as an object of ridicule or contempt.

A butt is the larger or thicker end of an object, like a rifle butt.


A butt is the thick end of shingle.

A butt is a short length of roofing material.

A butt is a form of fighting that ruminants engage in. 


Butt is residual matter. Cigarette butts!

A butt is a unit of volume equal to two hogsheads, usually the equivalent of 126 U.S. gallons (about 477 liters). This butt is a large cask. Some say this butt contains 108 imperial gallons (491 liters).

A butt is half a tun. A tun is approximately 252 gallons (954 liters).

Dr. Hugh Butt (January 8, 1910 – August 16, 2008) was an American  who developed methods to treat hemorrhaging patients with vitamin K.